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The Alawa project has the vocation of demonstrating and promoting the beauty of the “Being” who lives in the heart of every man.

We do it through our swimsuits and approaching the stories of concrete women. Women who personify Dostoyevski’s concept of “beauty that will save the world”, with their real lives.

We seek to connect with our clients from their values, their projects, their experiences and learnings, their fights, their dreams, their own histories.

We create swimsuits taking care of all the processes. From the initial stage of inspiration, design, sketches, prints and illustrations, the choice of high quality raw materials, up to the final phase of production, as well as the presentation and the distribution.

We know our suppliers and workshops. We talk every day with the people who make our products, today located in Spain and Portugal, looking for an artisan value in every stitch.

We spoil every garment dedicating the time that it implies to “do it well “. Because of it, we are passionate about the details that make an Alawa swimsuit into an unique piece.

Elements that are traditionally associated to the “savoir faire “, as it is mentioned by the native language of the haute couture, are incorporated with naturalness and elegance to the “swimwear style”. Laces, tacks, embroideries, steering wheels, textures, and other accessories, are own elements of our designs.

We aspire to be able to contemplate all the women in the different stages of their life. Because dressing elegantly is not a heritage of an age or of a few aesthetic canons.

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