One piece swimsuits; the trend for summer 2019

We are practically in the spring-summer season and it is time to think about summer fashion. 2019 is full of surprises when it comes to styles. Ready, steady… .ALAWA!

The one piece bikinis swept last summer, a piece that dominated the international scene and conquered many celebrities. But it seems that this look is still in the most absolute avant-garde, lengthening its days in this summer 2019 that is just around the corner.



The reinsertion and reconversion of this mythical piece of swimwear into a T-shirt is a reality and has been present for a few months, as they have already shown  the journalist Sara Carbonero and actress Amaia Salamanca.

However, trends aside, its original function continues intact, making a place among the most exuberant bikinis for its multiple qualities and conquering the beachfront.

A comfortable garment, very comfortable, and carefree. Seemingly more casual than a bikini, but on numerous occasions even more elegant and sensual.

From ALAWA we show you all the options of a piece to choose from this season. Enter our online store and know all our proposals , as well as our new suggestion in Monokinis, a unique collection based on elegance and originality.

Retro style, striped, basic, black classics, ruffles ... at ALAWA we have a wide range of possibilities. From cuts inspired by the 80s to the most romantic and daring models. Know all our pieces and value the one that best suits your body and your personality.

And the best thing about collecting swimsuits and loose pieces is that you never know when an excuse will come up to take them with you.

The magic of the one piece is, among other qualities, in its multifunctionality. Thus, this garment will not only serve to bathe in the pool or on the beach and show off during the summer, but it can also be your best ally with jeans or a skirt, simulating a shirt or jersey that enhance your figure and give you a different and personal touch.

Risky, different, elegant, novel and extravagant, there are a thousand pieces to choose from! And the one piece is the perfect purchase for 2019 and if you haven't done it yet, you will undoubtedly be captivated.

While it is true that the swimsuit, as we have seen in previous ALAWA posts, had to cover a large part of the body and be discreet, today that has been lost. But the classics never go out of style, and just as swimsuits were the key to doing the sport of swimming, they are still among the top of fashion and they always have something to offer.

From ALAWA, we show you the latest trends in swimwear with our new collection. You will be the envy of all with these exclusive styles Monokinis, tankinis and swimsuits that seek to flatter you to the maximum according to your style and shape.

You can choose from a wide selection of classic solids, modern patterns, special reducing fabrics… beautiful styles that fit you, in a comfortable and durable way.

And it is that the swimsuit offers infinite uses and versions. We have a wide range of sizes, including large sizes and bras for women with larger busts, adapting perfectly to your figure. Discover all the models in our online store!

Side and neck knots, bardot neckline, retro aesthetic, asymmetrical and, of course, all kinds of ruffles. There are all tastes and styles! Ready, steady… ALAWA!


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