Satin Sarong


Satin pareo-skirt buttoned at the waist.
Side or central opening with waterfall effect and spiked finish.
Sash with five closing buttonholes.

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The Alawa Satin Skirts/Sarongs are made with a light and silky satin satin that brings movement and elegance to any outfit. Either to combine with our swimsuits or with other types of presses, this skirt/pareo enhances the image and enhances any look.
The design consists of a rectangle with a 150 cm waist length and a 90 cm drop length. The upper part has a sash that provides firmness and grip, allowing the adjustment of the pareo to be adjusted by means of an interior imitation wood button, which fastens in five different sizes of buttonholes. The button thus comes out of the garment as a decoration.
The opening in the skirt can be placed in the center or on one side, generating a cascading fall that ends in peaks.

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