“HOPE”, hope in the language of Shakespeare, this is the word with which we define and present our latest collection.
We all yearn for a new horizon at the end of this era already marked as historical in the future of humanity.
We yearned for a long time for the enveloping gray veil that surrounded us to fall and like a burst of light to enter the warm rays of color. But even this longing for hope…


Everything is gift, everything is grace.
This vital experience has been in the background of our latest collection, and that is why it bears the name “Gracia”.
We wanted to use this word from the Spanish language because it tells us both about the gifts with which we are blessed every day and make us graceful beings, as well as the virtues that turn people into beings with grace ...


The times that run have marked our lives with unimaginable experiences.
The moment we live in has made us stop completely and really look. Looking within and looking at what surrounds us, people, relationships, our daily tasks, everything has gone through the fire that makes us discover and value what is really important ...


There are people, events, experiences, projects, works that we “love”.
It is not that we only like them, but that they exert such a subtle and incisive seduction on us at the same time that they envelop and captivate us. We literally fall prey to an enchantment ...


The collection that we present exudes the aroma of the nostalgic styles of the “Belle Époque”. 

The longing for the European romantic past, which caught on in the burgeoning Haute Couture workshops in Paris at the beginning of the XNUMXth century. And it reflects the light, colors and textures that painters like Sorolla and Monet have captured on their canvases.

It is precisely to those places ...