There are people, events, experiences, projects, works that we “love”.
It is not that we only like them, but that they exert such a subtle and incisive seduction on us at the same time that they envelop and captivate us. We literally fall prey to an enchantment.

Like the lullaby of the waves, like the movement of the clouds, the gaze of a gazelle or the stroll of a swan on the water, beauty conquers and subdues us like a magic potion.

The "charm" is there, waiting for us in the reality that dresses us every day, you just have to discover it. And when we do it, it filters through the parched clods of our being, soothing and calming the senses.

In the French language it is said: "Charme". And it is the "charm", the charm of reality that seeks us to elevate ourselves, the common thread that weaves together and inspires the models that we present to you.