These times have marked our lives with an experience that we could never have imagined.
The moment we live in has made us stop completely and really look.
Looking within and looking at what surrounds us, people, relationships, our daily tasks, everything has gone through the fire that makes us discover and value what is really important.
How many times, in this time, have we discovered that after what we run and toil every day was much closer and within our reach. It was there, in the simple things, in which we do not value because they are always there, but which are what make us live.
This wisdom is the true jewel, the luxury that truly gives value and flavor to life, the treasure that can save us from the greatest poverty: that of the heart. Fruit of this experience is joy.
That is why, at Alawa, we wanted to baptize with the Italian word “GIOIA”, the collection (which was not without difficulties), has seen the light of this special year.
"Gioia" which in Castilian means joy, is also the root of the word jewel in Dante's language. Joy and jewel, two words that summarize very well what we have harvested in this time.
The obstacles and setbacks that have involved the birth of this collection have been enormous and profound, we have all had to rethink our projects in the face of the pandemic that is scourging humanity. But this has also given us a unique opportunity to rediscover what is authentic, what is important, what is essential. That's the gem!
Colors that invite us to joy, the summer light that invades everything, and the vitalistic nature that embraces us are the framework in which we present this collection. Where elegance, care for detail and delicacy are sewn with fine stitch each garment.
May joy, that lake of serene water within the soul, be the jewel that you can discover in this collection.