Everything is gift, everything is grace.
This vital experience has been in the background of our latest collection,
and that is why it bears the name "Grace".

We wanted to use this word from the Spanish language because it tells us both about the gifts with which we are blessed every day and make us graceful beings, as well as about the virtues that turn people into beings with grace.

As is the Andalusian grace that our collection reflects in ruffles and prints, and that almost without realizing it transport us to the south of Spain. To the flamenco tablados and the infinite olive groves, to the vineyards of manzanilla vines, and to the saltpeter that is in the warm breeze that blows from the south. In the light scented with orange blossom, the horses that dance with elegant silhouettes and
to the white color of the earth in the plaza.

But above all, it is the grace that brings us to the people of that blessed land. Land bathed by the sea and shimmering sunsets. Where people have big smiles, clean eyes and open hands, warm hearts, generous and, above all, hospitable.

The land of people with a salt shaker, with an elf, with grace. Those people who opened our chests wide in Jerez de la Frontera where we took the campaign photos.

Everything in this collection has that touch of grace that leads to the joy of the spirit, to the clapping of cante, to the wisdom of someone who knows how to reel life, to "full of grace."
Large, small or very subtle polka dots in the fabric of the fabrics, merge with cheerful gingham prints. The elegance of the sleeves or the pompous fall of the embroidered ruffles give personality and character to a collection that seeks harmony between comfort and dress, between freedom and art, between nature and spirit.

We can only be grateful for the grace that working on this collection has meant for us and for all the graces we have received through it.
Enjoy it!

Jimena and Gabriel