“HOPE”, hope in the language of Shakespeare, this is the word with which we define and present our latest collection.

We all yearn for a new horizon at the end of this era already marked as historical in the future of humanity. We yearned for a long time that the enveloping gray veil that surrounded us fell, and like a burst of light the warm rays of color entered.

But even this longing for hope so genuine that dwells in the heart of every man needs an outward movement. Of a call that makes us go out to meet, of a look that crosses us and excites us, of a whisper that wakes us up, of an unexpected letter that ignites that small flame that ends up igniting the whole of life. That is why hope is a supernatural virtue, something that, like a ray of light, comes to us from above.

The vibrant colors of joy appear in "Hope" as an unexpected surprise, but without ever losing the delicacy and softness that characterizes Alawa's designs so much. An original chromatic proposal where you can breathe the Parisian air of the golden years.

The vitality of red, the joy of yellow, the strength of orange or the delicate grace of lilac are combined with the classic palette of powdery tones of this house.

The subtle and feminine invisible thread, which delicately weaves together all its collections, flourishes exuberantly in the multiple and fun embroideries, which with floral motifs appear continuously on the swimsuits as if it were a goldsmith's work.

The elegant pleats, which we have already seen in other collections, have evolved and are applied with masterful technique in different designs: in the armholes of asymmetrical tops, under the bust and even in fun collars to combine with different pieces as accessories.

The "monokini" proposal, as a two-piece set with panties and tops as a full bathing suit, continues to be a firm commitment by Alawa that presents new options and colors to combine.

The classic “black and white” binomial is consolidated in “Hope” as an essential segment in the world of Alawa. We will see it present in designs with wide lapels with tuxedo-style necklines, in asymmetrical drapes, in double “strapless” necklines, in chokers with halter necks, or in surprising sets of tops and panties.

In "Hope" everything excites and makes us see life with optimism and hope, the one that awakens the light of dawn coloring everything it touches. The same light we see in the celestial sky when it breaks through dissipating clouds after the storm. And the same light that seeps like water into the most intimate of our hearts reminding us that we have been made for eternity.