The collection that we present exudes the aroma of the nostalgic styles of the “Belle Époque”. 

The longing for the European romantic past, which caught on in the burgeoning Haute Couture workshops in Paris at the beginning of the XNUMXth century. And it reflects the light, colors and textures that painters like Sorolla and Monet have captured on their canvases.

It is precisely to those places, from which they used to create many of their masterpieces, that we have gone to carry out this campaign. We thus seek to impregnate each photograph with the same spirit of elegance, romanticism, serenity, harmony and love of family that they immortalized with their brushes.

The beaches of San Sebastián, Zarautz, Biarritz or Valencia, were the settings where the dresses, umbrellas and hats were displayed, of a new social custom that invited to calm the spirit in contact with nature. And it is there, where, a century later, we ventured to stage this collection that we have conceived with so much love and detail, seeking to enhance femininity and the light that springs from the interior of each woman.

We invite you to jump “into the water”, and dive into the inspiring beauty of our collection: “Soul”.