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There are several criteria to classify cookies. Some are described in this section.

According to their durability:

Session Cookies
These are temporary cookies and are stored in the cookies file of your browser until you stop browsing our website, after what they are no longer stored in your drive. The information obtained through these cookies is used to analyze traffic on the web. In the long run this allows us to provide a better user experience by improving content and the way you access it.

Permanent Cookies
Permanent or persistent cookies are stored in your device and our site reads them every time you browse our web. Each of them has an expiration date, after which it is automatically deleted. These types of cookies are generally used to improve the services for registering and placing orders.

According to their use:

  • Technical cookies
    These cookies are necessary to browse correctly on our site. For example, they can control traffic and data communication. Among others, technical cookies can permit access to restricted sections of the website. They are also needed to make purchases online as well as to improve security and store content that is necessary to stream videos or share media on social networks.
  • Cookies for customization
    They are necessary to deliver services according to predefined criteria, for example language, the kind of browser being used or the region from which you are accessing the service, among others.
  • Analysis cookies
    They allow us to count the number of users to obtain and analyze statistics on the usage of our services. In order to improve the offer of products and services, your browsing activity through the website might be analyzed.
  • Advertising cookies
    These cookies enable an efficient management of any ads that might be shared on our website.

According to who manages them:

  • Private cookies
    These ones are sent to your device from our servers and domains from where we deliver you the services you request.
  • Third-party cookies
    They are sent to your device from a server or domain that is not managed by Alawa but from a third-party, for example, cookies used by social networks or external content like Google Maps.

This website uses the following types of cookies:
· Session cookies
· Persistent cookies
· Technical cookies
· Customization cookies
· Analysis cookies
· Private cookies
· Third-party cookies


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Regulations on the use and policies of cookies according to Spanish Law 34/2002 from July 11th, 2002 for services of the society of information and e-commerce. Published by the Spanish Government in “BOE” núm. 166, July 12th 2002.
Reference: BOE-A-2002-13758.
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