"Our story begins with a dream"

One that is slow cooked with the subtlety that characterizes beautiful dreams and that later gains strength and new shape as it becomes reality. Thus begins the story of Alawa.

In 2013 ALAWA was born as the family dream of three women (that of a mother and her daughters), who gave the starting point for this dream to begin.

We started creating with one idea in mind: to enhance the beauty of all women in swimwear, thus conceiving one-piece effect swimsuits that were capable of transmitting the feminine with elegance and grace.

As it is the “law of life”, daughters fly far, but with them also travels what was once sown in the home. Thus, with one foot in Uruguay and the other in Spain, Alawa begins to forge itself sheltered from the warm colorful breeze of the Mediterranean and the regal immensity of the Río de la Plata.
Grace and elegance.

Our path matured over time, incorporating the most avant-garde textile and design traditions of the fashion industry in Barcelona and Madrid. Until in 2017 we reshaped the project and transformed it into what Alawa is today: a project that not only seeks to create and produce beautiful swimsuits but also and mainly focuses on promoting and enhancing the most genuine beauty of women. women and family.

Our team grew as the project unfolded, incorporating people who share the passion for expressing in every detail that illusion that moves us daily.

Today we continue to renew every day that same motivation of a mother and her daughters who planted the seed of Alawa.