The textile industry and its responsibility towards the environment The “eco” fabrics used by Alawa!

At ALAWA we inspire beauty, we seek true beauty, and we surround ourselves with beauty ... our philosophy has a very personal stamp. And is that if we have something clear, it is that we live in a world that goes very fast and so often confused. And so, it is difficult to be dazzled by what surrounds us, to discover what is really important, to make unique moments of magical rituals, and to look for the nuances that change everything ... and just those nuances are the protagonists of today! Are you ready? Ready? ALAWA!

As we said on other occasions, responsibility for the environment is already a must for both medium-sized companies and large corporations.

The most avant-garde client seeks durability, quality and ethical values, something that has been lost over the years in an industry increasingly crowded. But the prognosis is favorable, and every day different brands that opt ​​for the path of sustainability and environmentalism add to the good work, worrying about their footprint in the world.

In our case it is pure conviction. We firmly believe in the responsibility of the textile industry with the environment and with all creation, that is why we look for fabrics with sustainability certification and that respect the planet.


Thus, one of our largest suppliers is an Italian textile called Carvico. And it is eco-sustainable fabrics of the highest quality.

Carvico works a serious, transparent and tangible commitment, offering us fabrics made with ECONYL® yarn, a 100% nylon yarn regenerated from pre and post consumer waste materials, such as fishing nets, carpet lint, rigid tulle, etc. Materials that have now reached the end of their life cycle, and that instead of being disposed of in landfills, are recovered and regenerated through a complex process of physical-chemical decomposition. 

And it is that on its website we can find news like this: 8 million tons of waste go to sea every year, and 640 thousand tons of fishing nets are abandoned in the oceans (according to sources FAO and UNEP)

Alarming figures that tell us that, if the situation does not change, in 2050 the sea could contain more garbage than fish. And for this reason we must completely change our approach, coexist with nature in the best way and reflect on the importance of limited resources for our planet. We need a new consciousness and a change in mindset!

Furthermore, our largest fabric supplier, Carvico, supports and collaborates with fishing communities to implement preventive actions against pollution caused by unused fishing nets and find new solutions for sustainable disposal, both from an environmental and economic point of view. and conducts educational programs to promote the importance of responsible ecological choice.

From Alawa we can only feel satisfaction of sharing this information with our clients. And it is that the voice of nature seems essential to us ... and we will always listen to it from love, commitment and shared values ​​for a better future.

Our environmental policy always wants to be up to date and contribute totally and absolutely to the improvement of this "common home" that we call planet Earth! Because at ALAWA we not only inspire fashion, bikinis or the most genuine summer looks. At ALAWA we breathe everything that is true, dedication, commitment and sensitivity. Are you ready? Ready? ALAWA!

To share is to live!

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