The keys to keeping your swimsuit impeccable

The swimsuit is a delicate garment and, in order to last us over time, it is necessary to take into account some guidelines when washing, drying and storing our swimsuit.

For this reason, from ALAWA, today we want to give you some tips or recommendations that, as if it were a ritual, we can carry out until we acquire a habit, and thus keep this garment from season to season without difficulty. Are you ready? Ready? ALAWA.

In a couple of months, our wardrobe will turn back to light garments and summer clothes. Many of us look forward to beach and pool days ... patience, there isn't much left to dust off our favorite swimsuits and bikinis and enjoy the sun and bathing!

What should I do to keep my swimsuit or bikini in good condition from one year to the next? We tell you how to keep this piece in perfect condition!

Rinse after use: After bathing, whether on the beach or in the pool, it is essential to remove the remains of chlorine, sand and salt with fresh and always cold water. You can take advantage of the gel foam while you shower and do it right now!

No washing machine, thanks: It does not matter if it is a gentle or delicate program, the washing machine is not recommended for this type of garment and it could damage your swimsuit. Colors, shape, fabric, filling ... or even any ornament you have. Ideally, do it by hand, with glycerin soap and warm water.

Dry in fresh air: When it comes to drying, the use of the dryer is not correct, as it could have the same effect and ruin the piece. On the contrary, we must place it on a flat surface so that it does not lose its shape and look for a place in the shade or put it in the sun on the wrong side, to better preserve the color and the fabric.

Try not to stain it with oils or lotions: protectors, bronzers and other sun creams or oils will undoubtedly damage our swimsuit. Be cautious, and be careful when putting it on, avoiding that they fall on the fabric as much as possible. In the event that something very normal happens, remove it with a damp towel and make sure to wash it later at home. At ALAWA we also have many models made with fabrics that include a textile technology that repels stains from creams and oils. You can locate them with this symbol  located in the "Technical characteristics" of the model, in the file that each one has in our online store.

The iron: Our fabrics can be ironed at temperatures below 110ºC and also with steam. This is highly recommended to show off the ruffled models in all their splendor.

Rinse and ready to store: after washing it, and once rinsed, we suggest you remove excess water by squeezing it gently, without squeezing or twisting the piece, as this could deform it. Whether you carry it in your travel suitcase or if the idea is to keep it until next season, it is ideal to use a mesh, shoe or airtight plastic bag like the ones they usually have in specialized stores, thus preventing them from getting caught. and spoil by mixing with other garments.

Hopefully all these tips that ALAWA wanted to show you will serve you. Simple and practical steps to take into account on your days at the beach, sun and sand.

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