The keys to choosing the swimsuit that best suits you

There are still a couple of months left to start thinking about the summer season and basking in the sun. However, many of us are already beginning to take that garment that will accompany us during the next months and that it is essential when facing the summer season with joy and in the Swimmingpool o Oceanfront.

El secret to look great No. es submit to a rigorous diet o go to the gym day after day and without rest, although indisputably taking care of yourself always helps. El secret for us, is knowing how to choose what is the ideal type of swimsuit or bikini according to your body type. This is what the post that we bring you today is about, attentive to everything we tell you from ALAWA. All the information so you know exactly what to buy.

We can value four types of bodies at the time of defining ourselves in a specific group and thus, defining what favors us the most. Thus, the first body or pear body, in this model we find that the upper part and waist are narrower than the rest of the body. Thus, hips they present themselves wide. Examples of famous artists who have this type of body would be Jennifer Lopez and Beyoncé.

In this first type, the pear type, the ideal is tocenter the narrower parts and give less prominence to the hips and the rest of the body. Bikinis and Swimsuits with more prints in the torso part would be ideal, leaving the simpler and easier bottom part. The star swimsuit for these cases is the one with a super plunging neckline, black swimsuits they are also a good idea.

The second model we find is the apple type, which is just the opposite. Wider shoulders and more prominent breasts, and thinner at the bottom. Drew Barrymore would be an example of this type.

In this case we want draw much more attention in the lower part and disguise the upper part to create harmony. Bikinis and swimsuits with a cup would be perfect for this guy. Also the reducers and plus size bikinis.

In issue three we present the reloj de arena, in this case, the measurements at the top and the measurements at the bottom are very similar, and the waist is narrow. In this case, let's accentuate the curves a la Kim Kardashiam. Accent and support swimwear. Fitted and stylish swimsuits. Swimwear with neckline in back They could also be a great option.

And finally, the fourth type or model would be straighter bodies. The whole body has more or less the same measurements, that is why it is important in these cases, accentuate and create the illusion of curves, as does Cameron Díaz. The trikinis would be a great opportunity to generate that effect, as well as the prints.

And so, we can recognize ourselves in one way or another and consider what is best for us. Women's swimsuits, large size swimsuits, reducers, black, know our products and choose your favorite.

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