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Since we were born, in Alawa we have had a garment as a flag and symbol of our brand, we refer to the “monokini”. 


Having specialized in the full swimsuit has led us to venture into the various possibilities that this classic and modern format presents at the same time. The “monokini” appears in Alawa in an attempt to find a solution for so many women who love the elegance of the one-piece swimsuit but with anatomical characteristics that were great problems for them when using this option.



Having differences in size between the upper part (chest and back), and the lower part (hips and thighs) is one of these difficulties, but another not less is a longer or shorter trunk than the standard used by the sizes for their ordinary escalations.

The monokini gives us the visual effect of a classic one-piece swimsuit, but it is made up of two pieces: a top and a brief. 

This feature opens up many possibilities where to play. Variations of height or short of the set and the sizes of both the chest and the hips. Everything can have different proportions because the monokini will give us the possibility of combining different sizes, as well as gathering or stretching the panties more, or the union of the upper part with the lower part.

Although each monokini is designed as a unit and both pieces are designed to be parts of a single garment, they allow multiple combinations between them. This brings a much more personal and creative element to the resulting “look”. Customizing colors, designs, fabrics and sizes makes your model end up being unique and expressing your most personal style.


For the upper parts in Alawa we wanted to answer different morphological needs and that's why we propose different designs, be it a "blouse"style, such as the Top Velma, or a neckline "strapless", like the TopRose, or the top florence. Braces cease to have only a functional role and become essential parts in aesthetic design. A clear example are the different versions of the Covadonga Top , Amelia Top or Top Rose Crown.

The way one part is fused with another also gives rise to different shapes depending on the characteristics of the top or the height of the panties.

Our tallest bag is the model "Pink", this model allows to adjust the height and the depth of the hip. This is achieved with internal cords on the hips that gather the fabric on the sides or stretch it according to the effect you want to achieve. Textured fabrics in the high briefs further reinforce the shaping effect of this comfortable and feminine garment (Cecilia high briefs).

La Vilma briefs It is of medium height and gives rise to tops with a “blouse” or “t-shirt” style that have greater travel on the belly. The vertical boards with which the main opening is finished are superimposed on the top giving unity and harmony to the fusion of both parts.

The monokini format also opens up another range of possibilities: that of the combination of fabrics and colors. The uniqueness of each piece is not lost in the ensemble. What's more, the diverse colors and even the fabrics of different textures add value to the outfits that can be created. The same brief with different tops transforms a garment into several swimsuits, everything will depend on the combinations we create when mixing the different models. 

As examples of textures that provide a more sophisticated concept to the sets are fabrics with beveled polka dots (Vilma Polka Dot Top), or those that incorporate Lurex or jaquard-style reliefs in the wefts (Vilma Lurex Top: Top Rose Polka Dots). 

Another proof of the great versatility of the monokini is the use of one of its parts with non-bathing clothes. The tops can be worn with skirts, pants, or dresses extending the use of the swimsuit to more areas. This functionality of the monokini is extremely important, as it makes the swimsuit jump from its natural “habitat” to other spheres of our life. 

As for the affection in the morphology of the body, the monokini is the best ally. Due to its own architecture, it defines the figure much more and reinforces the modeling effect. The panties are designed with a corsetry pattern that, when using at least five pieces, creates an elastic but compact structure that firmly shapes the belly and hips.



More and more we see in the summer season the taste for elegant fashion. Where the classic elements of sewing in fabrics and elements suitable for the bathroom are highlighted. The monokini is an example of this trend where the taste for design and careful styling shine with their own light.

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