The Most Popular Swimwear on IG

We have less than fifteen days before the kick-off and social media like Instagram are already full of influencers and fashion magazines that want to share their tips, looks, and outfits for the summer 2019.

We all look forward to the long-awaited summer season, a moment when laughter with friends, family meetings, places to meet, and the sea breeze refresh our lives! Ready? Steady? ALAWA!


Don’t hesitate, from now on the most cutting-edge social network of all time will be filled with Caribbean beaches and sunsets… with bodies getting tanned and radiant people enjoying their well-deserved vacations!

Thus, swimsuits will be the stars over the coming months: bikinis of all shapes and colours, monokinis, large sizes, one-piece swimsuits… the list is endless!

The latest trends in swimwear are starting to come out and the options are really tempting. Fluorescent colours, flowers, stripes, frills, and any type of pattern that you can imagine. Unlimited options in textures, designs, and shapes that it girls and celebrities show off since mid-May in exotic places and unlimited summer landscapes.

Transparencies, fringes, and crochet… it’s a year for variety and creative inspiration! And the most avant-garde brands and styles join swimwear with original and fun proposals.

At Alawa, we are excited to show you our best and most genuine designs. Visit our website and learn about our online shop. Check out all the options that we offer, such as the shipping terms or the ability to customise and combine the sizes of your monokini.



Let’s face it, it’s not easy to buy a swimsuit and get it right, but, at Alawa, we’ve done some of the hardest work… and we’ve traced Instagram from head to toe in order to propose to you the best styles.

To begin with, let’s have a look to the likes in crochet designs. They are tender and romantic, and models such as Emma Roberts or Hailey Baldwin wear them delightfully, reminding us that they are a very interesting and original piece.

They will offer open shoulders, bright colours, rainbow stripes, and slogans with definitive messages, feminists, ecologists.

Elegant one-piece swimsuits are the best to highlight your figure, and the sporty type is an option that is definitely worth noting.

But this year there are fundamental values for many brands, such as the use of fabrics with a Sustainability Certification Mark and eco-friendly, something that has always been a must at Alawa. Then, we should notice the multifunctionality, that is, swimsuits that can easily withstand chlorine, sand, and salt.

Nautical-striped brands, bikinis that improve the curve, flawless backs… 2019 comes full of refined silhouettes, minimal, pure – with classic, thematic styles and very much in line with our designs. Because Alawa considers that every swimsuit must be unique and full of character! Because this year we celebrate the feminine shape in one of the most attractive and powerful moments in the history of women. Ready? Steady? ALAWA!

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